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Mattie Nottage School of Ministry & Bible Institute (MNSOM) offers programs for students to earn a certificate of completion in a variety of disciplines. MNSOM has several school divisions that offer different courses which helps to make up our certificate programs. Below are the school divisions. 

MNSOM Academics

Mattie Nottage School of Faith

This school of ministry is designed to introduce and reintroduce the foundational faith doctrine and belief of the Christian Church. As students engage this school of ministry, students will understand the true meaning of Christianity.

Mattie Nottage School of the Elite Spirit

This school of ministry is designed to teach each student higher levels of thought in the realm of the spirit. Students will be empowered to seek out grater dimensions in the realm of the spirit. Students will learn the purpose and the ministry of the Holy Spirit and how he is essential in the workings and demonstration of every aspect of ministry. This school will also seek to activate every student in his or her area of ministry by encouraging students to fulfil the define call of God on their lives. As student engage the courses in this program, each student will gain a deeper understanding of the person of the Holy spirit and how the Holy Spirit operates and functions as an agent of God here on earth in the life and ministry of every believer. 

Mattie Nottage School of Deliverance

This school of ministry is designed to teach students about the administration of deliverance as a gift to the body of Christ. In Matthew 15:26 the word of God of reveals that deliverance is the children’s bread and therefore, deliverance is a benefit given to every believer. The ministry of deliverance is the ministry of Jesus. This school is designed to remove the mystery that surrounds the ministry of deliverance. This school division will help to enlighten, empower, and equip students in deliverance.

Mattie Nottage School of Prayer

This school is designed to educate students on the aspects of prayer and how to pray effectively. As students engaged these courses, students will learn about the dynamics of praying in the spiritual realm and praying in language of the spirit known as heavenly tongues.

Mattie Nottage School of Spiritual Warfare

This school of ministry is designed to teach on the dynamics of prayer and its effective impact in spiritual warfare. This school of thought seeks to introduce every participant to prayer, one of the most powerful weapons if executed properly, in the life of the believer. This school will teach the dynamics of spiritual warfare and the ongoing battle in the realm of spirit against good and evil darkness and light, the kingdom of God and the kingdom of the devil. As students engage this course, students will be able to identify the enemy that they are fighting, his method of warfare how to engage in spiritual warfare to win and how to advance the kingdom of God.

Mattie Nottage School of the Prophets & the Prophetic 

This school of ministry is designed to teach each participant about the ministry of the Prophets, the types of Prophets and the administration of the Prophetic anointing in the body of Christ. Further this school is designed to bring clarity and understanding to the calling, preparation and the release of true Prophets as servants of God to the body of Christ. This school will seek to reveal the fivefold ministry gifting’s of the Apostles, the Prophets, the Evangelist, the Pastors and The Teachers and their functions in the body of Christ. 

Mattie Nottage School of Dreams & Visions

This school of ministry is designed to teach of spiritual mysteries intricately interwoven within the tapestry of our human existence. Further this school will seek to unlock divine codes released by the spirit of God through dreams visions, parables, spiritual impressions and the like.

Mattie Nottage School of Kingdomology

This school of ministry is designed to teach every student about the powerful kingdom of which we are apart. In Luke 12:32 Jesus reveals to his disciples that it is the Father’s good pleasure to give them the kingdom. Further this school will reveal the king of the kingdom, the principles, attributes and benefits of being a part of this kingdom and how we can access benefits and elevate in the things of the Kingdom of God.

Mattie Nottage School of Healing and Miracles

This school of ministry is designed to teach each student about the activity that ensues in the realm of the spirit. Further this school will expose how God moves supernaturally in the lives of his people in ministry through angelic assistance. Students will learn about God's holy angels and how we can walk levels of spiritual authority in order to bring forth blessings, breakthroughs, and miracles.

Mattie Nottage School of Economics and Finance

This school of ministry is designed to teach each student about the basic principles that govern economics, finance and the kingdom laws of sowing and reaping.

Mattie Nottage School of Servant Leadership & Protocol

This school of ministry is designed to teach each student about the essential call to servant leadership. In the kingdom of God every believer is expected to maintain the heart of a servant in every area of their personal relationships one toward another in areas of doing business and fulfilling their divine kingdom assignment or ministerial duties.

Mattie Nottage School of Evangelism & Outreach

This school of ministry is designed to empower, equip and train each participant to fulfil the great commission.

Mattie Nottage School of Worship and Performing Arts

This school of ministry is designed to reveal the significance of worship as a way of life for every believer further students will learn the different aspects of worship and how to implement the performing arts such as music, dance and choir and drama into the overall worship experience.

Mattie Nottage School of Multimedia 

This school of ministry is designed to empower each participant with a full range of the multimedia arts. Further, this school will give each student a great understanding of the importance of the function of multimedia in ministry and the ways in which it can enhance the ministry as a whole.

Bahamas Location

313 Carmichael Road West 

Nassau, Bahamas

Tel: 954-595-4224


Florida Location

7301 West Oakland Park Blvd
Lauderhill, Florida, 33319
Tel: 954-595-4224

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