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The Chancellor

Dr. Mattie Nottage


Dr. Nottage has earned her, Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Counseling, a Masters of Arts degree in Christian Education, and a Doctor of Divinity degree from the renown St. Thomas University, in Jacksonville, Florida and is also a graduate of Kingdom University. Additionally, she has earned her Certified Life Coaching Degree from the F. W. I. Life Coach Training Institute. Dr. Mattie Nottage is known as a Trailblazer and a “Doctor of Deliverance” who is committed and dedicated to Breaking Chains and Transforming Lives!

Chancellor and Lead Lecturer, Dr. Mattie Nottage comes with over thirty years of experience in full-time Ministry. Dr. Nottage is an expert and foremost authority in the arenas of kingdom dynamics, deliverance, prayer, and spiritual warfare. Prophetess Nottage is a highly sought-after Prophet who has captivated audiences from all around the world.  She is a trusted prophetic voice to the nations and has been anointed by God to transcend all races, cultures, religions, generations, and social barriers.

During Dr. Nottage’s master classes, she skillfully teaches kingdom minded believers to navigate to the corridors of the Kingdom of God, prayer, deliverance, and spiritual warfare. Chancellor Nottage also unveils a deeper understanding, establishment, function, and dynamics of two spiritual kingdoms and their influences in the earth realm. Scores of students from all around the world have embarked on this journey and are now cultivating a closer walk with God, leading spiritually enriched lives while others are prepared to embark on a journey to full-time ministry.


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Bahamas Location

313 Carmichael Road West 

Nassau, Bahamas

Tel: 954-595-4224


Florida Location

7301 West Oakland Park Blvd
Lauderhill, Florida, 33319
Tel: 954-595-4224

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