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MNSOM Programs

Mattie Nottage School of Ministry & Bible Institute (MNSOM) offers a variety of undergraduate certificate and diploma programs that are considered non-degree programs. MNSOM's non-degree programs are pathway programs, that are online and on-site. Our programs are designed to help prepare students with the skills and knowledge for a preferred discipline. Students will be able to transfer credits into upper level programs without having to re-take those similar courses again to gain a degree at MNSOM. As an undergraduate non-degree student, you may enroll in up to 8 credit hours, providing that you have met the individual course prerequisite requirements. The following programs below are apart of MNSOM's undergraduate certificate and diploma pathway programs.

MNSOM Non-Degree Programs

MNSOM Degree Programs

non degree

Mattie Nottage School of Ministry & Bible Institute (MNSOM) is currently reviewing our academic criteria to offer our campus community undergraduate Associates degree programs within the year 2023 to 2024.

Bahamas Location

313 Carmichael Road West 

Nassau, Bahamas

Tel: 954-595-4224


Florida Location

7301 West Oakland Park Blvd
Lauderhill, Florida, 33319
Tel: 954-595-4224

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